Issue 1: Protest

Press release:
OPL hits the stand

New Delhi: Our Private Literature (OPL) was published on 15 October last in a simple gathering. A radical literary journal, this issue concentrates on realistic arts and features prose, poetry, drama, translation work and review from various contributors. The first issue is themed on protest, or specifically, art as a form of protest.

We are trying to capture, in this edition, an impression of the Orwellian sinking ship, which we have inadvertently in our mind when we are in a sinking ship — the sociopolitical mess of our generation. The resistance against the currents of our time does not necessarily give birth to protest; but in a way, it offers ample space to stretch the known art forms, like creating new avenues to protest. In this issue, that’s what we are trying to do, to widen the methods of protest using artistic means.

This edition is a collection of 26 poems, a play and three essays. Currently based out of Delhi, OPL will be a quarterly journal and will be available across India.

OPL is also a rendezvous for young writers and poets. The next issue is scheduled for January next. The Alcoholic Anarchists, a group of literature fans behind the show, will finalise the theme for the next edition, probably early November, and will start collecting the prose and poetry.

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